“Amongst contractors, there is a lot of hesitation about selecting the right roofing contractor to make sure you get what you pay for- after all most people are not going to stand there on the roof watching the contractor do what they have been paid to do, but I would like to vouch personally for Mottco Roofing. From their friendly support staff to the folks running the company, every step of the way was professional, honest and timely. I was given the exact time and date that the roof would be prepared, no false promises to secure my business, and an exact price, no additional surprises. What else can you ask for? well in addition to that it was a pleasure to deal with JT who was friendly, and without asking took pictures every step of the way to show the work that was promised was actually done. On top of that, he made the sincere promise to come back if the leak was not fixed, but I doubt that will happen, as he did his best. Its too bad i could only give them 5 stars, as I would give them 10 if I could. This is the company you want to call for your roofing needs.”

Bill G

“I’ve worked with Mottco several times, and they’ve always been VERY responsive to my calls and even though I know they’re busy – they’ve always been able to work my jobs into their workflow within a reasonable amount of time. FAIR AND HONEST!! I’ll never use anybody else.”

David D

“Did a great job on roof. Kept us up to date on progress or issues. Great follow up after the roof was done, when I needed a copy of the receipt.”

Jason A

“I really wish that all service companies could be as honest as this company. They did a repair on my roof a few years ago, and again this year. I rarely recommend service companies, because I do not like to put my name behind them (Just in case they do a bad job). However, I freely give out Mottco’s number. I’d strongly recommend this company to anyone that needs roofing repair or replacement.”

Scott R

“This is the second time I’ve used Mottco and again, am 100% pleased with not only the quality of the work, but the fact that these guys pick up after themselves. They are pleasant and get the work done professionally and quickly, and JT kept me posted on the work throughout the morning.
The office response time in getting a quote is very fast. They gave me a good quote, replied quickly to my email questions, and scheduled me right in.
My first Mottco experience was on my personal residence; this time was on my rental. Both times were exceptionally good experiences. Do not hesitate to call this company to repair or replace your roof. I can not recommend them highly enough! Should be 10 stars!”

Janis R

“From quote through job completion, Mottco was the professional source to solve our roofing problem. Innovative problem solving with cathedral-no attic ceilings over most of the house gave us the confidence that our leaking roof problems we inherited when we bought this place were hallmarks of Mottco. And even though the Mott son-in-law talks a bunch, his explanations and suggestions were key to our understanding of the uniqueness of our roofing quagmire as well as the solution. Unfortunately, one buys just one roof a lifetime because this is precisely a Christian family run business with which we prefer choosing to do business. So we will content ourselves in answering neighbors’ questions that we strongly recommend Mottco Roofing.”

Guy M

“I was referred to this company by a client who have used them for the past 10 years and was not disappointed. Very professional, customer friendly, prompt and thorough. Hard to find an honest company like them these days. I highly recommend them…. You won’t be disappointed!”

Geraldine J

“Mottco did a complete roof replacement about 6 years ago after hail damage and exceeded my expectations. Now they’ve done a minor repair after my trees damaged some shingles. Mottco once again exceeded my expectations and at a very fair price. They really take care of first time and repeat customers!”

Kim A

“Mottco replaced my roof seven years ago and their work has stood the test of time. I recently had an issue with my chimney which resulted in water damage to the roof decking surrounding the chimney flashing.
I contacted Heather at Mottco and she promptly scheduled one of the Mottco staff to do an inspection. JT arrived on-time for the appointment, and, after initial survey, determined that a chimney specialist was needed. A subsequent inspection by the chimney technician and JT concluded that a new shroud was needed for the chimney.
Heather and JT coordinated the proposal and did an outstanding job communicating with me throughout the whole process. I agreed to the proposal and a new shroud was fabricated. Heather scheduled the installation and roof repair.
JT and another staff member arrived first thing this morning at the appointed time. They were thorough and professional in completing all work to specifications and concluded with clean-up and disposal of debris.
I highly recommend Mottco and their staff, whose word is their bond and whose quality is their mark. Proverbs 22:29”

Don S

“If you have a roofing issue, this is the Roofer to call. Mottco Roofing was recommended by friend who is owner of duplexes back 11 years ago. They did my roof back then and again this January following a hail storm. BOTH TIMES AN OUTSTANDING JOB! They are honest, do what they promise (and usually do more), come when they promise and are pleasant to work with. J.T. and Heather know the roofing business and communicate in timely manner so you get the Right Answer Right Now! I have friends who use them with same results. A GREAT COMPANY, and these days that is hard to find!”

Howard G

“We have used Mottco twice and they are just wonderful. Honest, hard working and professional. Best roofing company I have ever dealt with. Would recommend them to anyone in a heartbeat.”

Jennifer C

Great communication in scheduling a quote and the repair work. Work was done promptly and quality was great. This is a company who not only speaks of ethical practices but follows through =) I was given a discount because the job didn’t take as long as expected. Lovely experience all the way around – what we all need when our house is leaking!”

Cathy C

“I first dealt with Mottco roofing when I lived in Lago Vista after one of the spring storms produced hail. I had them come out, the whole town was full of all sorts of roofing companies. The best thing occurred when they said that my roof was fine. It didn’t need repair or replacement. They earned my business right then for their honesty. I have used them several times since in my real estate career. They have always had complete satisfaction with my clients and I will highly recommend them for their honesty and professional work. Truly a blessing to work with such a reputable company.”

Chris A

“Just want to leave a comment for J.T. and Mottco Roofing. We had rain pouring in to our house and called Mottco to have someone come over and give us an estimate. J.T. came over very soon and walked around the attic with me and then went up on the roof to look at it. He gave us a very reasonable estimate and told us when he could come to repair it. I came home after work thinking that they had forgotten to come. No, they had come, done the repairs and already cleaned up. J.T. made a point to come back and explain the work that they had done just so my wife and I would know what he had done. VERY honest. Very reasonable. I would highly recommend them.”

Ron D

“March 25, 2009 I had hail damage to my roof like so many other folks in the Greater Austin Area. Luckily there were no leaks but lots of shingle damage. I waited and watched as my neighbors used those roofing companies that had blanketed the area with fliers that might have local numbers with a PO Box. I really wanted someone truly local. I called and emailed a couple local roofers. Heather with Mottco immediately demonstrated great response time to my multitude of questions and provided a higher but comparable bid to the other guys. I accepted Mottco’s bid. The selling point to me was their customer service. The other local roofer I called, Barker, screwed up from the get-go by committing to a bid date, changing it at least twice and then showing up some other day and taking a week or more to provide the bid. Now that I think about it Mottco never asked to post a sign in my yard to promote their business for weeks/months on end either – another great selling point for future reference.
Mottco was very busy with all the local hail damage so my roof replacement date was pretty far out but, like I said, no leaks, so that worked. I also wanted to wait out the rest of the typical hail/storm season. The date arrived – they got in and got out in less than my typical office work day. It was an impressive operation to watch.
About 6 weeks later, Christmas I was told, there was really high winds that blew some of our new shingles into the yard. I called Mottco the following Monday and they promised to have a supervisor come by no later than Wednesday to check out the damage. JT (name?) stopped by on the same day I first called on his way back into town – presumably his return from holiday travel. JT didn’t have matching shingles in his truck so he used what he had to prevent leaks and promised to come back with the matching shingles for the actual repair in a week. Once again, Mottco came as promised, got in and out without issue. There was no additonal charges for this awesome service. It was all part of the original job. I said to my husband “Wow! These folks really are every bit as good as I thought!” Even my husband was impressed (not an easy task) and he suggested that I find somewhere to post my review.
Here I am and here it is… Mottco has excellent customer service and I wouldn’t think twice about recommending them to anyone!”

Kim A

“I am completely pleased with the wonderful work and efficiency with which Mottco Roofing displayed when replacing my roof this fall. The people at this company are honest, patient and hard working! J.T. and his crew showed up on time and finished replacing the entire roof in 1 day!!!! J.T. was here the entire day overseeing that the work was done as to my satisfaction. After the work was done, they went through the entire yard and picked up the debris. I will definitely come back to this company for my next roof!!”

Franklin M

“I was stranded on road and owner stopped and helped me, refused any money. These people are honest and hard working. If they treat a stranger like this, imagine how they treat clients.”

Kim C